Factory Introduction
At iSG Industrial, we manufacture our chassis using a multi-step process and a variety of sophisticated machinery to turn out parts efficiently and precisely according to our engineers' specifications.

We employ NCT punching and stamping, a metal stamping process to produce highly precise equipment such as metal covers, metal HDD enclosures, and sheet metal parts.

Our laser cutting technology is used to cut metal sheets into individual components. Our production units are fully equipped with machinery suitable for producing any quantity of high quality components.

Our high-speed press machines are used to produce all types of metallic parts, including bottom casings, front and rear bezels, top casings, and HDD support brackets.

Using a burring machine, we put the material through tapping and spiking processes. Once the plug has been properly positioned, it is locked into place with lock-ring segments. This prevents plug movement, with the o-ring becoming the primary seal. Several different types of completion plugs have been developed with metal to metal seals, in addition to the o-ring seal.

Bending is a secondary operation we use after a turret punching machine or laser to create the necessary geometry on a flat piece of material.

We use spot welders to resistance-weld directly to a sheet using either a rocker-arm or a press-type resistance welding system.

Using a pop rivet, a positive knock-out provision had been made on the 1st and 2nd punches to eliminate the possibility of parts sticking to these punches during the operations.

Lastly, we put our products through various metal surface treatments. It is a process in which a physical barrier is created to protect the metal against a corrosive environment, preparing the metal parts for painting.


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